Bless my new friend!

A few weeks ago, I made a new friend! She’s Rachel from the other class. hehe

She’s this Singaporean girl from the Humanities class and being Singaporean, she knows how to enjoy food properly. Finally, I have a dessert buddy for dinner so I don’t appear like a fattie to the many slim people in this school.

Anyways, she introduced me to the wonderful world of healthy snacks from GRAZE! She gave me her code so I received my first box free on Monday. The first box they sent me had…  Toffee apples Korean chilli rice crackers Billionaire’s shortbread Summer pudding

They were absolutely heavenly and healthy. (‘:

Come, let me give you a code ( 39DX9V7D ) to get a free box. USE IT and savour the goodness of a free (first) box!

Also, she also brought me to eat frozen yoghurt. Danggg it was good.

She also brought me to Boots to print photos and personalise my room. Now my room finally looks like somebody lives in it. Maybe this represents my changing mentality here too. At first, I couldn’t wait to leave but I’m kind of settling down now.