The End?

Yesterday I submitted my UCAS. It’s all up to the universe now. I hope everything goes well and life blesses me. This term is also coming to an end next week. It’s been… Continue reading

Tv show wars >:)

So… my IT teacher asked me which TV show is my all time favourite one. So… The contenders are Glee Modern Family Bones Criminal Minds How I Met Your Mother Pan Am New… Continue reading

Maybe I’m a little Sadistic

But I really love this video

International Evening

On the 20th of November, our school celebrated International Evening. It was a collaboration of booths set up by students of different countries. There was Indonesia, Thailand, Ukraine, UAE, Russia, Nigeria, Vietnam and… Continue reading

Life abroad…makes me watch more movies

Since coming over here, I’ve watched loads of movies. Maybe because I have loads of time on my hands. Actually, I think it’s because being frivolous will make me declare bankruptcy soon. So…… Continue reading

Bless my new friend!

A few weeks ago, I made a new friend! She’s Rachel from the other class. hehe She’s this Singaporean girl from the Humanities class and being Singaporean, she knows how to enjoy food… Continue reading

Just wondering

You know how we Singaporeans are with our food.

Courts trip!

This is a bit late but on the 13th, all the law classes took a little trip to London to visit the courts! The day started out pretty horrid though. We rushed down… Continue reading


Yesterday was a really special day! It was BKK (Real name: Nattaya)’s 18th birthday! She’s finally legal to do so many (bad) things! As the eldest in our little clique, she’s the first… Continue reading


It might seem a bit unbelievable but the school’s Halloween party is the first Halloween party I’ve ever attended! Growing up in a Christian family, my parents deemed Halloween as a Satanic festival… Continue reading